Thursday, June 21, 2007


yesterday, i watched this documentary EARTHLINGS shown in our centre for ecological sciences... the documentary is all about how we, human beings are exploiting animals for different needs... food, meat, companionship etc... the whole documentary is divided into five different sections... i couldn't watch the whole documentary... in fact, i was really startled to see the way those animals are butchered/murdered just for fulfilling the food requirements of mankind... those are not even given anaesthesia before butchering... a documentary worth watching... i bet, anybody sensible enough can't eat non-vegetarian food with that liking after watching this documentary... it is really sickening to know that millions of animals are killed daily in USA itself just for supply of food...

PS: i've strongly decided to be vegetarian from now onwards!!! watch this documentary, and i bet you will feel the same!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Two more friends!!!

i've got two more friends... one is rubik's revenge and the other is professor's cube... while it took one month for me to solve rubik's cube (3X3), it is taking days just to do two colors on professor's cube...

important thing to note here is that i didn't buy any of these two... professor's cube is sent by Praphul after seeing my post on rubik's revenge... it's a nice feeling to know that there are people who are willing to spend money for somebody whom they don't even know personally... thanks a lot Mr.Praphul... i owe you a treat... not just for the professor's cube, but also for those long philosophical discussions through mails... and for proving that money doesn't matter but the intentions do matter!!!

rubik's revenge is sent by deepika, my friend and philosopher... thanks a lot buddy! you made my hours busy with this cute gift!!! let me see how many days i will take to solve these things :-)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


hmmm... looks beautiful!

this one is really nice!!!



baap re!!!


there comes another one!!!

PS: These are the expressions given by the author during one of those bird-watching hours at the tea-board of our institute. Thanks to the photographer Krishna.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

five minutes with Mr.M...

Mr.G was sitting on the steps beside the walkway near his hostels... he is looking a little gloomy and pondering over something... he saw Mr.M walking towards him and waved his hand... and, here goes the conversation between the two...

Mr.M: hi G, what r u doing here?
Mr.G: feeling bored man... i don't know what to do (sounding really sad)
Mr.M: OK! answer this... there are five bananas and an elephant... but the elephant is not eating those bananas... why?
Mr.G: (thought for a while to find few of the infinite set of possibilities) may be the elephant is not feeling hungry!
Mr.M: no... you are wrong... the bananas are not real... they are plastic!
Mr.G: Oh!
Mr.M: OK then... let's suppose that the bananas are real this time... but, still the elephant is not eating those... why?
Mr.G: (trying to give a clever answer this time) May be the elephant is still thinking that those are plastic...
Mr.M: you are again wrong... this time, the elephant is plastic...
Mr.G: oh, come on... this is cheating!!!
Mr.M: OK then, this time both elephant and bananas are real... but, still the elephant is not eating those bananas... why?
Mr.G: (going back to his first answer) this time, the elephant is not hungry... this should be the correct answer, at least...
Mr.M: again, you are wrong... this time, the elephant is in TV and the bananas are on the table... huh huh...
Mr.G: oh man, you are incredible...
Mr.M: OK then, this time both the elephant and the bananas are inside TV... but, still the elephant is not eating those bananas... why?
Mr.G: (he is very much serious about answering the question correctly) may be the picture is shot like that, and the director of the movie has given the elephant enough food so that it keeps away from the bananas... (G is feeling relieved thinking that his lengthy answer could be right!)
Mr.M: why did you think it so complicated? after all, the bananas and the elephant are in different channels.
Mr.G: oops! you are mind blowing!!! (cursing M inside)
Mr.M: OK then, this time both the elephant and the bananas are inside TV and on the same channel... but, still the elephant is not eating the bananas... why?
Mr.G: (growing impatient but still trying to give a correct answer) the TV might be put on pause!
Mr.M: No... you are again wrong... the TV is actually switched off!
Mr.G: Oho... i couldn't answer even a single question of yours... let me ask you a similar question..
Mr M: that sounds like a good idea, carry on!
Mr.G: there are four elephants swimming in a pool... an enthusiastic person like Mr.M dived into the water and counted the legs... but, the total came out to be twelve... how is it possible?
Mr.M: (thought for a while and answers) may be the elephants are a special kind having only three legs each!
Mr.G: you are wrong! one of the elephants is doing backstroke!
Mr.M: no, this is cheating... how can an elephant backstroke?
Mr.G: when elephants can actually go and swim in a pool, why can't one of those do backstroke? it is equally possible.
Mr.M: hmm... okay! i agree...
Mr.G: (smiles his way) chalo then, it's time for a tea... let's to go gymcafe!

PS: Finally, Mr.G understood that "when you are actually bored, you need somebody like Mr.M to chat with".