Friday, September 29, 2006

pictures of water drops...

having nothing to do today, i have collected some of the beautiful pictures taken on water drops at different sizes, backgrounds, and locations... hope you will like this collection... and thanks for the owner of the photos who put these on web to copy ;-)

lonely night...

Last night, i was feeling sleepless... went to corridor and was watching the fountain... the hostel lights reflected in the puddle are amazing... sky was beautifully clear and stars were shining... came out of my room and sat near the fountain... the waves in the puddle were dancing as if they want to bring my sweet and deep memories to the surface... some of the rooms are still lightened, indicating beauty of labor and wisdom... the cool breeze of the silent night surrounded me... it was thrilling, as if i am with my loved one... a nightingale was singing from its heart... i sat there for a long time... very long time... slowly all the remaining rooms became dark... i was alone... alone in that long night... dreaming of something abstract... dreaming with my eyes wide open... a lonely cloud was passing... it was visible for few minutes and slowly disappeared... it came as if to watch out what i was doing... and it passed... i was left alone again... i lied myself on the fountain wall and was watching into the sky, trying hard to find something... something very important... something very beautiful... something which can make my life meaningful... god!!! direct me, please!!!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


nothing is so exciting these days for me... i dont know what happened to me but everything is looking monotonous and boring... the september morning sky is so beautiful and wonderful... still, i am unable to enjoy its beauty... the untimely drizzle is so romantic... yet, i am not able to appreciate its cool touch... the sunset view from my balcony is really awsome... but, i am not in a position to relish it... what happened to me??? as of now, i don't have any answer... i am so confused!!! god knows how far and how long this confusion continues!!!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

another memorable trip...

Recently, our department has organized another picnic... this time, we went to Mekadatu, a beautiful place which is around 90km away from Bangalore... had lot of fun there with friends and some of our professors... the stroll on the river banks is unforgettable... we had so many funny moments and enjoyed the nature's beauty for a full day!!! here, are few snaps taken there...

Friday, September 15, 2006

silver jubilee!!!

birthday is a special occasion which reminds us that our life span is decreasing and responsibilities are increasing... a time to recollect the past, evaluate the present, and head towards the future with fresh energy!!!

I have successfully completed my 25th year and celebrating the silver jubilee of my life... last night, i had good fun with my friends... cake cutting, some snaps, decoration of my face with cake cream, some stuff to fill the stomach, and not to forget... the bumpppsss!!! on the whole, it's a beautiful day!!!

Monday, September 11, 2006

lage raho gopal bhai!!!

life is going quite smooth... not so boring, not so exciting... having fun with english words... of course, it is always troublesome job to remember scores of words in a short time... but, still GRE preparation has its own beauty...

i have seen two good movies these days... one is in telugu namely 'bommarillu' which means a toy house... though the comedy track is quite routine as seen in recent movies, the centre theme of the movie is quite well focused... the struggle between a son who has his own ambitions and dreams and his father who always tries to give his children the best... it's worth watching for both parents and children to identify themselves and get some insight into the relationship.

the second one is 'lage raho munnabhai'... the director used the brand name 'munnabhai' as the backbone for the movie, though it bears no resemblence with its previous part... the meeting of munnabhai with gandhiji is awsome and interesting... hopefully, we can expect that this informal way of spreading 'gandhigiri' can bring some change in our confined mindset!!!

in addition to these, weather in bangalore is too good these days... since these are full moon days, the night sky is really beautiful... enjoying the moonlight along with friends and dreaming about future... lage raho gopal bhai!!!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

love meets confusion meets the disaster...

recently, one of my friend's close friend has committed suicide. it was really a sad news. though it is common these days to hear that somebody has committed here or there, i feel it strongly appropriate to write a few lines about the incident.

the story goes like this... this boy is in love with his classmate since long time. the pair always say that they cannot live without each other. they proved that they are made for each other. they got married in the first year of graduation without disclosing it to their parents. girl belongs to some upper caste and boy to a backward. it is now one year after they have finished their graduation and started living with their parents. boy used to tell everything to his mother who used to be his best friend always. the problem started a few months back when the girl's parents started looking for some match for her. she couldn't convey them properly that she cannot live without the boy and that she has got married already. but, somehow, her parents sensed that something is wrong. as usual, in a cinematic fashion, they started black mailing her. her agile mind accepted their order in a confused state and got engaged with the boy(bridegroom) brought by parents. and stopped talking with her loved one. the boy somehow knew the news and approached the girl and tried his level best to convince her. he even talked to the bridegroom. but no use!!! the girl said that she dont know this boy and bridegroom said he wont object if she is willing to go with the boy. imagine the situation of this boy!!! and think of the girl's state of depressed and given up mind!!! few days after that incident, the girl has committed suicide. hearing this, the boy couldn't wait and he followed the girl's path.

the question comes here!! once we die, there is no question of how we are or whom we like or how we wanted to live... but, what happens to others who are so closely related to the died? what is the situation of the parents? how depressing it is for the friends? isn't there any solution for this? why dont people realise that there are so many good things than just love? why parents dont understand their children's feelings? the real beauty of life can be seen only through gaining experience through failures and getting mentally strong everyday... oh god! please give us the courage to face the reality!!!