Tuesday, August 15, 2006

happy independence day!!!

we have successfully completed 59 years of independence and celebrating 60th independence day... i must confess that i missed flag hoisting this time too... i am not quite sure whether my doubt is valid or not, but, it always troubles me... are we really enjoying the freedom? if the answer is yes, are we doing justice to our responsibilities?

on an auspicious day like this... a day meant to celebrate freedom... we are scared to go outside... almost half of the shops and eating outlets are closed in the city... more than half of the services which are available on ordinary days are not available today!!! may be, this is a strange way to celebrate freedom?? i dont know... i am sorry if i am hurting anybody's feelings... rather, i am trying to put my views here!!!

coming to the next part of the question... are we doing minimum justice to our responsibilities? how many of us are utilising the right to vote? how many of us are maintaining civic sense while eating in public places like parks, road sides etc? how many of us are really happy about being in this country?

inspite of all these questions, it is indeed a happy independence day as we didnt encounter any disastrous incident this time!!!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

celebrating friendship!!!

it's a little late that i am writing about friendship here... already one week after 'friendship day' this year!!! i strongly feel that there can't be a unique definition for this wonderful relation... some say it's the rainbow between two hearts... others say it's a beautiful garden where people can break their barriers and share anything and everything!!! as a matter of fact, all these definitions, in one way or the other, tell about the beauty of friendship...

i too have received some messages containing beautiful quotes about friendship and also saying one is soo lucky to have me as friend... but, i wonder whether do we really have that honesty or sincerity in this relationship? is friendship all about sending beautiful messages (which are absolutely free!!!) without really meaning them?? right from the school days, we share our feelings and things with somebody... and that somebody keeps changing with time depending upon circumstances... as days progress, we slowly forget where the old friends are!!! in fact, we often scratch our head to recollect some of their names too!!!

i feel the real beauty of friendship (in fact, any relationship) lies in how comfortable and honest we are in understanding each other... it's more beautiful when there is interdependence rather than dependence or independence on each other... it's brightened when you surprise your friend by solving his/her problem without their knowledge... it's enriched when we offer a friendly shoulder to support when they are in pain... it's highlighted when we rediscover ourselves in presence of the other person... it's celebrated when we forget our ego and and identify the alter-ego in that friend!!!

friendship is not a matter of one day... it's forever... let's celebrate it with our good friends all the time!!!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

it's beautiful day!!!

after so many weeks of frustration, things got clear today... it is like a clear blue sky after long lasted clouds are cleared... i dont know whether the way they are cleared are right or not... but, they are cleared... a kind of euphoria has been filled in my heart... now, i am back to the normal state, in fact to an elated state, and enjoying the beauty of life all again...
the breeze of wind is so smooth...
moon in the sky is so bright and romantic...
the lingering thoughts in my mind are so beautiful...
and the hopes for the future are so optimistic...

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

bridging the communication gap...

communication gap!!! one of the most uneasy phase in any relationship... sometimes, even in a relation which was thought to be having an ideal match of wave-length, it so happens that the feelings are not conveyed properly to the other party... in fact, sometimes, they are conveyed exactly in the opposite sense... the reasons may be so many!!! each thinks in his/her own way and comes to some kind of conclusion which may not be right... there could be a phase difference in the thoughts of both... the gap slowly accumulates and reaches a point where the two are at so long distance to each other and life looks just like a trash bin!!!

is there any solution for this problem? certainly, yes!!! either we should extend a friendly hand or be ready to accept the same from the other... things can be sorted out by discussing with a cool and open mind... of course, there is a problem of ego everywhere... sometimes, losing ego can be so embarrassing... but, at the end of the day, the happiness of being together is so beautiful and pleasant... so, why this gap? let's lose our ego and bridge the gap to build a colourful and healthy relationship!!!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

someone like you...

there are few things sadder in this life than watching somebody walk away from you after they have left you; watching the distance between your bodies expand until nothing is left except the empty space and silence.
This is a dialogue by Jane, a character from the movie 'someone like you', when her loved partner leaves her and walks away. I dont know exactly why i remembered these lines but sometimes i feel these lines are nothing but true. I wonder how can anybody break the promise made to their partner and choose their own path. Dont they retrospect their behavior and respect the relation at all? What happens to the one who was left behind? What happens to the colourful and happiest world imagined between the so called 'soulmates'?

Certainly, the phrase "nothing lasts forever" proves its existence and irony everywhere. Time heals the wound, but not completely. One can take some time for coming out of the phase of self-pity, and build from the zero based state, and ultimately to a comfort zone. There may be so many good (in fact better) friends in that zone. But, somewhere somehow, when the sky is so clear and pleasant, the breeze is so cool, the memories of the broken relation just rush in. A painful pleasure or a pleasant pain, whatever it may be, will make one confused. The trauma prevails for a while, and fades away in the day-to-day hectic life! The cycle repeats!! After all, pain is a part of life which nobody can escape!!!

Isn't the ultimate bliss to find Someone exactly like you??