Friday, December 29, 2006

suno na...

Dil Ne Tum Ko Chun Liya Hai... Tum Bhi Isko Chuno Na!!!
Khwaab Koi Dekhta Hai... Tum Bhi Sapne Buno Na!!!
Dil Ne Tum Ko Chun Liya Hai... Tum Bhi Isko Chuno Na!!!
Khwaab Koi Dekhta Hai... Tum Bhi Sapne Buno Na!!!

Dil Yeh Mera Tumse Kuch Keh Raha Hai... Suno Na!!!
Dil Yeh Mera Tumse Kuch Keh Raha Hai... Suno Na!!!

Friday, December 22, 2006

my best friends' wedding...

this is one of the funny videos we have captured during some joyous moments spent here at our institute... hope you will like it... the voice dominant in this video is mine... watch it, it is funny... hope you will enjoy... adjust the brightness if you feel it is too dark...

Thursday, December 21, 2006

sankey tank park alias joggers park...

as part of my weight reduction program, i have started jogging agaain... bangalore weather is getting to its extreme in coldness... sun can be seen nowhere until around 8-9 in the morning... air is completely filled with mist and fog... it is a blissful experience to run upto this so called sankey tank park, which i felt should be renamed as jogger's park since the whole track around the pond in the park is occupied by people who come for their morning walk/jogging... watching so many different kinds of people is a different experience...

to mention a few interesting observations: i could see more number of old people are coming in couples or with their good old friends, whereas, most of the youngsters are coming alone... most of the people, irrespective of their age, looked worried rather than relaxed... majority of girls, who must be working (i guess!!), lack smile on their face... people who are slim are doing their brisk walk with more seriousness than those who really need to do it!!! the variety of people coming here is so varied that one middle aged woman is doing meditation sitting on one side of the pond, and a couple of young girls are smoking cigarettes on the other side... the traffic level is increasing at an exponential rate between 6:30 to 8:00... water in the pond is far better than all other lakes i have seen so far... the mist dancing on the surface of the water is an awsome view...

though the park is located nearly 2km away from our institute, i found it very joyful to jog till that point to make my day more beautiful... the laziness, the fatigue, and the feeling of cold are vanishing within 2 minutes after starting from room... to add to the joy, i found another task into my routine... i am watering the plants in the lawn of my department!!! some said it is weird, but i found lot of satisfaction in that!!! yes, the way i look at these plants has changed... now, i can feel that they are smiling back at me!!! hope i can continue this routine for long...

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Monday, December 11, 2006

the diary...

last night, i was feeling terribly bored and alone... started browsing my old diaries, which are neatly arranged from 2003 onwards... not all the pages are filled but, every page that is filled looked important... i went through some of good old memories, which made me laugh, cry, and finally silent...

i found some of the hotel bills that i 've paid during treat given by me to my girl friend for the first time, the movie tickets, and some of the letters... which includes a small slip saying i am an idiot but still lovable!!! the feeling is awsome... i don't really understand why people have really forgotten the beauty of hand-written letters... a mail reaches a computer, but a letter reaches the hands of our loved ones... the difference is large... we can hug a letter or a diary but not a mail or a computer... sometimes, i feel like i am crazy or over-sentimental... everything that i've shared with my loved ones always reminds me those wonderful days... how romantic is the song "kitni baatein yaad aati hai?"...

the diary is a reflection of our transition from the past to present... it never objects to what we write or feel... true sink for the whole bunch of feelings... it is the only thing that reminds us what we did in the past, how we were, and what decisions we have taken... only thing it demands is a little bit of patience and mood to visit it...

most of my diaries are presented by my friends... of course, if nobody presents, i will take them to some bookstore and make them buy for me... every year, i will buy one or two diaries to present to friends... a kind of selfish gift that we can spend... because, it brings your memory to those friends whenever they write their diary... i have already got one from krishna for the coming year... this year's diary is completely filled with mixed emotions... i must say that there is a clear transition in my personality from the start of the year to the date... hopefully, in a positive direction...

hoping that this habbit of writing diary will not die!!!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

my new friends...

for the good or bad, i've lost my mobile... and Mahesh, one of my good friends, has gifted me with a new handset... i am almost in love with it... nice look, display, radio, wonderful polyphonic ring tones, and GPRS... what to say? i am happy again with my own mobile in hand after a long time...

another good companion i've found is my 'worldspace' satellite... i am too attached to it that i cannot sleep in the night without switching it on... worldspace network is offering around 40 channels with varying interests... and it's completely commercial free... particularly, i love the channel 'jhankaar' which broadcasts all brand new hindi songs... nonstop... in fact, there is so much to hear on worldspace as its caption says... though the setup costed me an awsome 2500 bucks, i feel it's worth spending on it to enjoy a healthy companionship...

so, finally... i have two new good friends to offer some companionship to get rid of my bloody loneliness...

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

few kodak moments...

At last, as my bubbly buddy Kalyan brought a digital camera, I have started enjoying the companionship of photography... these two photos are captured by me today, after the convocation at our Institute.

A beautiful view near our Faculty Hall in a pleasant evening...

The journey begins...

Saturday, December 02, 2006

for the moment...

Yourself: gopalam
Your partner: amazing (should be ;-)
Your hair: funny
Your Mother: loving
Your Father: caring
Your Favorite Item: mobile
Your dream last night: kiss
Your Favorite Drink: rose milk
Your Dream Car: audi
Your Dream Home: two storied building with balcony, in a hill station
The Room You Are In: lab
Your fear: Loneliness
Where you Want to be in Ten Years: with my wife and kids
Who you hung out with last night: my computer
What You're Not: hypocrat
One of Your Wish List Items: digicam
Time: Dark
The Last Thing You Did: blink
What You Are Wearing: spectacles
Your favorite weather: autumn
Your Favorite Book: love story
Last thing you ate: 5star
Your Life: fantastic
Your mood: oops!
Your Best Friends: loyal
What are you thinking about right now: future
What are you doing at the moment: yawning
Your summer: Over
Relationship status: no way!
What is on your tv: nothing
What is the weather like: cool, calm, and pleasant..
When is the last time you laughed: 1hr back