Thursday, January 31, 2008

Erich Segal

I was introduced to Erich Segal's novels a couple of years back. The first book is "Love Story", which I took one day to finish. The book has thrown me into a kinda trance for the next couple of days. It's not just the story line, but the way the emotions are expressed in the book that makes one feel heavy and light at the same time. I think, he is one of the best authors who has the skill of touching the readers' hearts at their deepest.

If you are a kind of person who likes walking under the snow, still feeling warmth inside with the past memories... if you are the kind of person, who dream with your eyes open... if you are/were in love with somebody... if you have experienced the pain of separation... if you are ambitious and emotional at the same time... then, you must read all of these books by Erich Segal!!!

Love Story: A beautifully written love story between a brilliant plus rich Oliver Barrett, and a decent plus independent Jenny. The story is romantic, funny and tragic too. Unlike other books of this author, this one is written in a brief and lucid style. The reader will be left with tears, if he happens to identify the depth of the story. The novel ends with a nice line, "Love means not ever having to say you're sorry."

Oliver's Story: A sequel to "Love Story", where our protagonist, Oliver, tries to find her dead Jenny in another girl. In the process of internal struggle, to forget Jenny and accept this new girl, Oliver ends up in staying alone in life. That's a kind of portraying a fact that once there was a full-fledged relationship with somebody, it's highly unlikely to find another relationship with the same intensity. It left me so heavy and gloomy for more than a week after reading.

Man, Woman and Child: Yet another emotional world, explored from the point of view of a boy, who was born as a result of his father's infidelity towards his legal wife. It's quite unclear why a happily married man/woman will commit to some temporary attraction. But, the underlying fast might be that we are still one among the other species which are driven by instincts than by morals or conscience. A well written story of the boy's world.

The Class: I felt more close to this novel. A story of five graduate students of Harvard University of the same class. Too much of intelligence and talent, too many expectations out of life, too much of frustration, too much of ego, too much of emotional agony... these are the common qualities that are seen among all the roles that are portrayed. One who has studied at premiere institutes, where everyday is a battle of life, would better identify themselves in this novel. I personally felt that this one is the most grand among all these six novels.

Acts of Faith: Do I love god more, or do I love you more? A constantly nagging question. This story is basically about three people, who are struck in the strict beliefs of their corresponding religions. Does love has any boundaries? Does it goes beyond religion and faith? Something is clear at the end. Nothing is absolute. It's all internal happiness that matters!!!

Doctors: How do you feel about a penis? Is it just another organ that functions for biological activities, or someway different? Well... "DOCTORS" is all about the lives of medical students, who undergo hell like training to accustom to the dead and alive in the same way. There is a beautiful relationship that's shown between Laura and Barney. They are brought up in the same locality. The pursued the same course. They explored relationships with others. They took more than twenty years to realize that they love each other, than anybody else! And, by the way, if you are planning to become a doctor, it is advisable to read DOCTORS before you actually go for that profession!!!

That's briefly about Erich Segal's novels. I am looking for his other two latest books, PRIZES, and LOVE ONLY. But, unfortunately, they are not yet available in Indian book stores. All these books are worth buying, reading and keeping in the shelves for our next generation to read and relish!!!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

wonder why???

On this lousy office hour on a weekend, I came upon this thought provocating post by Anjali, about the growing incompatibility between the brides and grooms in arranged marriages!!! May god help us, poor souls who can't break those barriers, and just can't sit comfortably inside the barriers mourning for the broken hearts!!!

Friday, January 11, 2008

yummy yummy...

after five long months of boring food outside, we have finally started cooking on our own... it's not boring after all... in fact, it is quite interesting to experiment on whatever knowledge we have... so far the culinary experimentation is going fine... and I am so very happy that I am proving myself to be a good cook (an important habit that one has to have to become a good husband in future)... here I am with my favorite dish 'upma', in a mouth-watering quality, prepared by me last night!!! what else is needed for a good dinner? of course, a good company!!! anybody wants to taste this? you should come to our house ;-)

Monday, January 07, 2008

taare zameen par...

Have you ever been punished for not doing maths homework? Have you ever been told that your hand-writing is like Greek and Latin? Have you ever bunked school and roamed on roads? Have you ever hidden your marks sheet from parents and got a false signature on the progress report? Have you ever been placed in residential school and you waited for your parents' visit on the weekend so desperately? Did you ever feel so difficult to button your shirt or tie your shoe-lace in the childhood? Have you ever been compared to your classmate or brother about your school performance and belittled? Have you ever felt that you can do nothing, in spite of the material support provided by parents? Have you ever yearned for the affectionate touch/embrace from parents? If your answer is 'yes' to at least one of these questions, here is a wonderful movie you should watch and feel!!!

Aamir Khan has proved himself to be good as a director too... With too many touching scenes, pointing at the faults of parents bringing up the children, the story proved to be a timely eye-opener for those who put too high expectations on their children. Darsheel Safary's innocent face with his too long teeth is too cute and fit for the role... Shankar Mahadevan's music is an added credit for the success of the movie...

If you have not yet watched the movie, don't miss it... thanks to Government of India for making the movie tax-free!!!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

happy new year!!!

Another year has passed... goodbye old year and welcome new year!!! what did I do for the new year eve... I've gone for a disco... had party... chosen a slim petite girl as my partner and danced a lot... and rock and roll... huh, pretty fancy dream!!! I didn't do any of these... while the train that was carrying me was heading towards Secunderabad, I was dreaming about my meet with D the next day!!!

It's simply another day of the life... only the calendar changes its digits, announcing that another year has successfully gone, good or bad, sweet or bitter!!! but, somewhere at the corner of the mind, we feel like we are crossing some milestone... suddenly, we feel conscious about what we've accomplished in the last year, and how better we can make the coming year... so many resolutions, that will most probably fade out faster than the newly arrived number of the year!!! and... it's the same life... not big change... routine, as usual!!!

Unlike the previous year, I prefer staying without making any resolutions... when the resolutions themselves keep changing everyday, what's the point in making one at all??? Preferably, I would like to make myself more comfortable internally, smile healthily, and breath easy...

I wish you all a new year ahead with good luck, joy, happiness and strength to materialize the dreams!!!