Thursday, December 20, 2007


happy graduates, with old friends after the convocation...

this tree is one of my friends at IISc ;-)

after a gap of five months, we have revisited IISc on the occasion of convocation... met all our old friends, those green surroundings, each and every plant, fallen leaves, new buildings, the work place, good old adviser, tea-board, coffee-kiosk, faculty hall, and last but not the least... the bird-watching session ;-)

It was a different feeling altogether... I felt strange when I received the degree certificate... though the certificate has no practical importance, except that it gives us a proof that we actually have done masters... there is something more to it... it reminded me of those first few days after we entered the institute... our expectation levels of life were really high, and we have tremendous confidence and fire inside to achieve anything under the earth... the two years of stay, for good or bad, has brought lot of changes in all our lives...

there were so many sleepless nights, thinking about future and working for the assignments... there were good, bad, sweet, bitter and funny moments... this short trip to our institute has brought back all those memories, tickling our heart... we got a chance to look back how we used to live here... how different we are now, compared to the secured and yet pressurized lives at IISc... I wish I have an opportunity to go back two years into the past and relive those couple of years, in a better way!!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

...reminds me of you!!!

the wind in my alley, the dust in my eyes,
the chill on my dirty raincoat...
reminds me of you!!!

a song half-written, a story untold,
an old man traveling alone...
reminds me of you!!!

the empty city streets that don't dream anymore,
an old midnight quiet that don't sound like before,
the bitter sweet memory of a home-made wine,
the elegy of an old sunshine...
reminds me of you!!!

red brick wall against the gray sky,
stands with the head held high,
reminds me of you!!!

the old post cards, the fragrance of plum,
the rusted kerosene lamp...
reminds me of you!!!

an undying smile that heeds through the door,
a rolling stone circus that don't sound like before,
an amazing grace that chosen empty soul,
the tree that never grows old...
reminds me of you!!!

source: lyrics of one of the beautiful songs from the movie "Bow Barracks forever"

Monday, December 10, 2007

last night...

last night... I was sleeping in my bed room... slowly, I started hearing some murmuring from somewhere... suddenly, those voices became clear... now, I could hear them properly... it's a female voice... laughing loudly, and crying in between... I suspected that it must be one of those girls from the next door... I got up and opened the door to see if everything is alright... nobody was there on the stairs... still, the voices are there... I guess, there was a male voice too, making some strange sounds... I went downstairs to see if somebody was there... the apartment security door was wide open and the watchman was nowhere around... something must be really wrong... a sudden chill went down my spine... I went out to find out from where the voices are coming... nobody was nearby, but I saw a short girl, dressed in white gown, walking away from the apartment gates... she must be around 16-18... I could hear her sobbing... I was cursing my watchman for not being there, and I started walking faster to reach her... no idea what I wanted to inquire her, but my curiosity didn't allow me to go back to my flat... I kept walking, and she was walking even faster... but, the sobs were still there... I have gained pace and started running towards her... I was even shouting at her to stop... but, no response from her side and she kept on running... I was panting like anything, and I was damn so tired to run in that midnight, all alone on the empty dark road... finally, she has stopped and I have reached her in another minute... something at the back of my mind was telling me "go back you idiot, it's not your business to care for an unknown girl, at this hour of the midnight"... I've slowly gathered up my courage and asked her, who she was and what she was doing there... she has turned back suddenly... oh my god!!! I was sweating all over my body...

huh... thank god, that was a nightmare!!! and everything was alright... and there was a bottle of water besides my bed to quench my thirst... uff... I think, I should stop watching thriller movies!!!

Monday, December 03, 2007

this is how one can kill time (of others)!!!

nimoi thai, kal blaz surm dianz!!! plai triu kloptambas lalab?? moshi kalai surmi vebli grai dol... wina kolpi mentdz indei :-) u kibr tiy, thal sum grani slay? nil kolpi thai triu kloptambas vebli.

anybody knows what this means? even I don't know... on one of those boring occasions, I got this idea through aprilslady and thought that I should give it a try... I have typed whatever I feel like... but, I have taken care to include punctuation marks here and there to deceive people... Out of 16 people I sent this mail, eight people have replied... in different ways!!!

Surya: baboi .......... entidhi emi ardham kaledhu :D (Oy my god... what is this? I didn't understand anything!!!) ha hha, it seems he didn't understand that this is a joke...

Girish: what is this? what happened? he is always too bothered about my mental health :-(

Deepika: eee baasha enti babu?????? (what's this language dude?) that's typical Deepika's response!!!

Arun: Hai Gopal, I tried to crack this but not at all useful. First thru Google translater and then second after rearranging... What is this first anyway?? Tell me some hint to crack this... that's how IISc scientists try to solve everything under the earth, no matter whether the solution exists or not!!!

Uday: entidi?? (what is this?) looks like he is annoyed with this confusing message!!!

Sivaram: this is too good!!! Siva always takes any new thing with a positive attitude!!!

Deepa: didnt understand anything :( tell me which language Deepa is too keen in learning foreign languages these days... looks like my experiment has aroused some enthusiasm in her!!!

Aarthi: helo.. what language is this?something wrong with u!! huh, yet another person who is suspecting my mental health!!!

I think the rest of the people might have thought it was one of those junk mails they receive every day... or they are too busy to give it a try... or they are too scared to ask for what it really means :-)