Monday, May 01, 2006

life is beautiful... isn't it?

most frequently asked question... "how is life?" instantaneous reply is "it's just going?" do we really ask ourselves where it is going? do we really have an answer for that? if life is just going, why do we let it go just like that?
well.. i feel that the very cause of our disappointment lies in our perspective of life. after all, the world is how you look. all of us are blessed with some or other inherent ability to succeed in life. but, most of the time, we didn't realise that the very purpose of life is to enjoy life than just let it go with no effort. is there any solution for this? yeah, may be a simple realisation can do. what matters most is how you see yourself. we can look at ourselves coming out from ourselves and analyse the things, find the root cause of our problem and act in a constructive way. there are many more things in life to get involved and relish the taste. beauty of nature, poetry, music, movies, kids, and ultimately ourselves.
don't you think life is beautiful??


Surya said...

Yeah..Yes, Life is beautiful
Good work man.
It seems so interesting.
Get going !!!

Deepthi said...

Life is beautiful!!!!
really good views gopal!!! keep it up. Jus wanted to understand on stands you wrote that!!! Most people really dont understand wat they want from life or wat they want to do!! If you ask me "wat do u want in life????" i cant say a simple they say jus going...but reading between ur lines can make a person think life is beautiful!!!

Naga Uday said...

Hmmm... wonderful thoughts.
yeah, perception helps a lot.

Don't you think that too much of introspection sucks happiness from us.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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