Wednesday, December 12, 2007

...reminds me of you!!!

the wind in my alley, the dust in my eyes,
the chill on my dirty raincoat...
reminds me of you!!!

a song half-written, a story untold,
an old man traveling alone...
reminds me of you!!!

the empty city streets that don't dream anymore,
an old midnight quiet that don't sound like before,
the bitter sweet memory of a home-made wine,
the elegy of an old sunshine...
reminds me of you!!!

red brick wall against the gray sky,
stands with the head held high,
reminds me of you!!!

the old post cards, the fragrance of plum,
the rusted kerosene lamp...
reminds me of you!!!

an undying smile that heeds through the door,
a rolling stone circus that don't sound like before,
an amazing grace that chosen empty soul,
the tree that never grows old...
reminds me of you!!!

source: lyrics of one of the beautiful songs from the movie "Bow Barracks forever"

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