Tuesday, January 01, 2008

happy new year!!!

Another year has passed... goodbye old year and welcome new year!!! what did I do for the new year eve... I've gone for a disco... had party... chosen a slim petite girl as my partner and danced a lot... and rock and roll... huh, pretty fancy dream!!! I didn't do any of these... while the train that was carrying me was heading towards Secunderabad, I was dreaming about my meet with D the next day!!!

It's simply another day of the life... only the calendar changes its digits, announcing that another year has successfully gone, good or bad, sweet or bitter!!! but, somewhere at the corner of the mind, we feel like we are crossing some milestone... suddenly, we feel conscious about what we've accomplished in the last year, and how better we can make the coming year... so many resolutions, that will most probably fade out faster than the newly arrived number of the year!!! and... it's the same life... not big change... routine, as usual!!!

Unlike the previous year, I prefer staying without making any resolutions... when the resolutions themselves keep changing everyday, what's the point in making one at all??? Preferably, I would like to make myself more comfortable internally, smile healthily, and breath easy...

I wish you all a new year ahead with good luck, joy, happiness and strength to materialize the dreams!!!

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