Monday, May 19, 2008

chivariki migiledi?

Lately, I have not been watering my plant in the blogger's park... Except regular visits to see how others are grooming theirs, I didn't contribute much to this beautiful place... Though it's only three weeks after my engagement, I have been observing a lot of changes, both personally and professionally, in my life... I will leave all those details to later posts... For time being, I will share with you a good old telugu novel, namely CHIVARIKI MIGILEDI (which means, "what'll be left ultimately"), by Buchi babu, written in late 1940's...

The story is all about an idealist, caught with so many unanswered questions about life... He is constantly under distress, puzzled by the enigmatic rules of love, hatred, people, society and life in general... Of course, there is no proportion of breathtaking excitement or sexual enthrallment in this novel... what really impressed me is the way the author has portrayed the roles... There are numerous thoughtful statements in the novel, like: "Marriage is like a maze, those who are outside try to go inside, and those who are inside will try to go outside", "The fallen leaf, and the thirsty crow teach me philosophy", "when you don't know what you really want, you will develop hatred. At the end, even the realization that you don't need anything will abolish that hatred".

So, what's left ultimately? those who know how to read telugu, and are patient enough to go through those countless number of philosophical paragraphs, can read the novel... and those who can't read telugu, nor have the patience, may know the truth by experiencing and analyzing their real life!

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