Thursday, June 26, 2008

Pune poetry...

There are a few ways to look at life in Pune. Through the eye of the Mumbaikar: 'It's dead, it is as rural as hell, just an extension of our great metro, where people retire and live in retro, wish we could buy a flat here, in a safe housing colony and remember to live'.

But who could tell the train-tired Mumbai man, that a few more like him and we'd have no place to live, scream, fight at 80kmph on the expressway.

The other way is via the eye of the visitor. They complain and complain, they say the food is bad, the roads are gone, rents are high and there's nothing called money's worth, and that the city is average, plagued by sloth. And they do all the complaining while they walk on cool bylanes of the university or when they stand in civil queues at our talkies. After the walk of the movie, they have more to complain, but they keep it for another walk, another film, another day.

PS: I found these meaningful lines from Pune Mirror. These lines truly reflect our Pune life and empathize with most of us Puneites out here!!!

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