Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mission 'amla fruits'

Today, while we were having post-lunch walk. We saw one amla tree and we want to pluck some, but there was no route to climb up the tree. I asked for permission from the house (tree) owners. Mario has planned for this pyramid. Sivaram and myself have formed the base. Suvarna has taken the photos. All of us have relished them while continuing our post-lunch walk. Had fun!


Anonymous said...

I wanted to read some really good stuff - Sound thoughts that are really worth reading with near to prefect English. Was picking random blogs; from friends to relatives and strangers. While there were serious things and issues discussed, I wanted some interesting pictures to view that would add some joy/ catch my eye.. thought "Oh ya, I can see Gopal's blog".
Small Human pyramid, yet amazing!
Am impressed by these things...maintaining relationships with old friends; More fun by involving new people in ur old gang; and fun in a group.. these are actually strengths for a personality!
did you realize these things..?
My comments are more like recital - sincere apologies for that!

Venkata Gopala Rao said...

@Vadhana: Thanks yar! Honestly, this blog is the outcome of my desperate need to vent out, just after our second semester at iisc. Slowly, this has fetched me good friends, helped me improve myself, and gave me fun along with a feel of self-worth.

Anyway, thanks a lot for your encouraging words!