Thursday, July 16, 2009

what else?

On phone...

A: hi B!
B: how are you man?
A: I am fine, how about you?
B: cool, going good!
A: what else?
B: nothing much!
A: OK.
B: what else?
A: nothing new!
B: hmmm...
A: and?
B: you have to tell...
A: hmmm... nothing new!
B: OK. what else?
A: as usual, nothing... Just life is going on!
B: OK then!
A: Yup, bye
B: bye!

This is how my conversations are going on these days! Does that mean, nothing is happening in life? Or does that mean, I/people forgot to converse? Or is life simply that monotonous?

PS: I am about to start one more boring day at office ;-)

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