Thursday, August 27, 2009

What alphabet do you hate?

Do you have any special alphabet that you hate and you want to disable that in your keyboard? It's easy to do. Of course, you must be using Fedora. All you need to do is the following.

1. Log in as super user.
2. Open the file /etc/inputrc. You will see the following two lines.
#do not bell on tab-completion
#set bell-style none
3. Uncomment the first line and put the specific alphabet at the starting of that line.
4. Save the file and restart your machine.
5. Now, try typing that letter.

We, at our office, have found this accidentally. All this happened because one of my colleague wants to disable those annoying system beeps. To do that, one has to uncomment the second line in the above file. Accidentally, she has uncommented the first line too, and the letter 'd' stopped working on her keyboard. Our system administrator had a tough time to figure it out, but yours truly has cracked it using his instincts ;-)

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