Monday, September 11, 2006

lage raho gopal bhai!!!

life is going quite smooth... not so boring, not so exciting... having fun with english words... of course, it is always troublesome job to remember scores of words in a short time... but, still GRE preparation has its own beauty...

i have seen two good movies these days... one is in telugu namely 'bommarillu' which means a toy house... though the comedy track is quite routine as seen in recent movies, the centre theme of the movie is quite well focused... the struggle between a son who has his own ambitions and dreams and his father who always tries to give his children the best... it's worth watching for both parents and children to identify themselves and get some insight into the relationship.

the second one is 'lage raho munnabhai'... the director used the brand name 'munnabhai' as the backbone for the movie, though it bears no resemblence with its previous part... the meeting of munnabhai with gandhiji is awsome and interesting... hopefully, we can expect that this informal way of spreading 'gandhigiri' can bring some change in our confined mindset!!!

in addition to these, weather in bangalore is too good these days... since these are full moon days, the night sky is really beautiful... enjoying the moonlight along with friends and dreaming about future... lage raho gopal bhai!!!

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