Saturday, October 28, 2006

life is beautiful...

nothing special or interesting to write about... my meddling with word lists is still going on... enjoying the comfortable stay at home... but, sleeplessness is increasing day by day... whenever i sleep, words are flooding into mind... in spite of the doubtful success in the exam, preparation is giving me a flavor of english vocabulary...

as uaual, i couldn't sleep last night... after hours of futile attempts to sleep, rolling this side and that side, woke up at 4 in the morning... prepared a tea, elachi added in it, and enjoyed it along with the cool breeze coming from the window as it was raining all the night... i had an advantage of my sleepless night... could fondly recollect some of the sweet memories with my parted friends... could listen to the wonderful devotional songs by my neighboring family... i wish i get such a melodious classical singer as my wife!!!

drizzling is stopped by 6AM... could catch some beautiful scenes out in the garden... i found some of the rain drops still hanging on the flower petals and shining in the growing lighting of the dawn... last night's jasmine flowers are still fresh due to the night long drizzle... i wish i had a digital camera!!! it needs a little bit of interest and patience to find beauty in the same old ordinary surroundings, i guess!!! believe me, the glimpses of those drenched flowers really charged my day... so, friends... whenever you don't get sleep, just dont try to sleep... come out of the room... try out different things available... poetry, scenery, songs... whatever you can!!!

life is beautiful... if we have the eyes to look at it so!!!

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