Tuesday, October 03, 2006

waiting for 'someone'

dussarah has gone with a long weekend... month has changed... same with the weather... slow swift from clear sky to cloudy... it's awsome to look at this october sky which is partly cloudy and partly bright... the half moon visible in the evening is soooo charming... and so are my thoughts!!! from a state of turbulence, slowly getting into clear zone... the constantly nagging questions like 'what do i want in life?', 'what do i really like to do?', 'what is my destiny?' are still not completely answered... but still, slowly getting accustomed to the fact that life has its charm and beauty in making you ponder about 'what next?'... trying to find joy in every small thing... listening to kenny G's 'joy of life', sankar mahadevan's breathless, suprabhatham by MS, reading at least one short story everyday, sunset, afternoon drizzle, and the bright moon in the sky etc... these things are keeping me healthy and happier... in other words, moon light days have arrived!!!

one more interesting thing... now, i am believing the saying 'someone somewhere is made for you', as is said in 'dil to pagal hai'... but, how can we come to know that 'someone'??? hopefully, we should not bother about this question, i feel... when time comes, something deep in your heart, the bell rings!!! i am waiting for that someone!!!

well, here is a question for you folks... in fact, a doubt which myself wanted to know since long!!! what's the best way to identify your soulmate? is there anything really solid importance this word 'soulmate'? if you could identify that person, what is the best way to approach and make things work out?

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Someone is definitely waiting for you. When time comes u'll automatically find that someone. Its true.

And I am checking your blog daily there is no new post these days... r u busy? Post something boss.....