Monday, January 15, 2007

success and failure!!!

placement fever has caught everybody in the campus... everyone is dreaming about securing a good job... some people are optimistic, some are doubtful, and some are literally becoming maniacal thinking about all sorts of possibilities... here am i, one of those optimistic group... i was happy when i was told that i was shortlisted for the final interview of SHELL, one of the best companies we dream to get in, and offering a huge package of 12 lakh per annum... though my initial expectations out of placement cell is to get a decent job to spend an year in industrial environment before plunging into research, i was really allured (in fact, went deeper than that and started dreaming about it) and started building my expectations... that made me bear three sleepless nights... finally, the D-day has come and i went with myself fully prepared... the first round was really wonderful... we were given a real time problem, and asked to find out the best solution with support for the solution... i thought i have done decently well... in my batch, totally six candidates were interviewed... after the interview, all of us were sitting in the lobby waiting for the results... one of the company officials came and called three names... i was not in the three... i was curious... but, that list was of disqualified candidates... i made a sigh, and thought that i was shortlisted... those three went with a blank expression, without forgetting to wish us all the best... after some time, two others sitting with me were called for the second round... i wished them good luck with a smiling face (there is still hope on me)... after some more time of restless waiting, i have inquired whether i am shortlisted or not... that lady, with an unusually pleasant face, told me "sorry Mr.Venkat, you are not needed for the next round"... so, there ends the story... i have successfully screwed up my first interview... i was walking on the footpath, making my way to hostel mess... i wish i have somebody to accompany me... but still, i smiled... smiled openly... success and failure, both are two sides of a coin... both are equally important... a success is not complete until we know the pain/experience of tasting a failure... i am successful!!! successful in keeping my cool... yes, i am successful... failed successfully... and succeeded in accepting the failure with a smile!!!


Yuva said...

"and succeeded in accepting the failure with a smile!!!"... I DON'T THINK SO..

success is to learn and overlook failures with an intention to try hard next time [/and yes ofcourse, smile always helps..]

best wishes/Yuva

gopalwithlove said...

success is to learn and overlook failures with an intention to try hard next time

well said... and that is what i did... i have succeeded too!