Thursday, March 08, 2007


life is going superfast these days with loads of work to finish... and interesting too!!! there is lot of fun and satisfaction in lying on the bed after a day long work... but, what happened to me these days??? struggling at least three to four hours to get sleep after going to bed!!! the reels from the PAST are reemerging from those buried neurons... making me uneasy, unhappy, and uncomfortable!!! if i look back at those sweet memories, i become sad... if i look back at those times of insecurity, i become sadder!!! tired of trying out few things like jogging, watering, aerobics, evening walk etc... and couldn't switch off the PAST... am i guilty? or am i feeling discontent about present life? or do i really lack guts to live in reality? am i not honest? or is it just insomnia that attacked me? friends say it is time to get married!!! is it really so? how can i invite anybody into my life with so much of stupidity and uncertainty? what the hell is this? why am i so confused? i wish i get 'short term memory loss'!!!

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