Saturday, March 03, 2007

snapshots from hell... #1

from the day one we started staying in this institute, we are constantly been encountered with all sorts of shocks and difficulties, which made us call this place as a hell... life is always uncertain here (of course, it is everywhere... but, the degree of uncertainty is very high here), keeping us always in a state of worry and loneliness... a few snapshots from this hell...

being the premier institute, the cream people from all corners of the country enter here with lot of expectations and dreams to achieve... but, more than ninety percent of people lose their confidence/interest in academics just in few months after joining... reasons are yet to be explored!!!

the usual period for a student to finish his phd is four years... but god knows when he will get the degree!!! here too, the reasons are many... bad choice of problem... poor relations with the faculty... or even ill-fate!!! a student who was doing active research for last five years, has lost all his data in a fire accident recently... how valuable is a period of five years in anybody's life? that too in twenties!!!

the key things/findings of the defined problem will be known when the student is about to finish his coursework/research... what next? to explore more or just get off from the place? the choice is often difficult!!! even after successfully cracking the defined problem, the researcher himself will be in confusion to answer the question "why did i do all this?"...

coming to the settlement of life after research... many companies come with specific requirement!!! at the end of the day, everything ends up in playing game with luck... the question "why am i not getting selected?" keeps eating the brain until getting into one or the other lowsy job... by then, the remaining interest/confidence in life dies off!!!

but, at the end of the day, people from this institute are THE best... life is still beautiful and colorful for these students... because, the most difficult stages have been crossed here already!!! this is only one side of the coin... will write about the other half soon!!!

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