Sunday, April 08, 2007

few observations!!!

life is monotonous and boring these days... after spending around 20 months in this campus, finally the time has come for wrapping up everything and get out/lost!!! only three more months left... the countdown has started... 90... 89... 88... i remember how my senior batch students left this place, smiling (trying hard to conceal their sadness) at us!!! and now, it's our turn to do the same...

two days back, i was walking with krishna towards coffee-board... he was damn too silent, and i could hardly resist myself from keeping a grinning face... i asked him, "shall i tell you a fact?"... coming out of his thoughts, he looked at me with an affirmative look, curious to listen what i was about to tell... i told, "indira gandhi was shot dead by her body gaurd"... he was so annoyed and cursed me with his usual words "worssst felloooooow" and started laughing... a bad joke, but it worked!!!

last week, i happened to watch the movie "the pursuit of happyness"... it was truly inspiring story... at that very moment, i have decided... decided to work hard, really hard to become great!!! after that, i thought why shouldn't i start working from tomorrow? and that tomorrow has not yet arrived!!! and i strongly doubt whether it will arrive at all ;-)

yesterday, after a very small nap of 4 hours in the afternoon, i went to our gymkhana terrace, with an intention to watch sunset... by the time i reached there, sun was still bright enough to stop me staring at him... my eyes caught a beautiful girl sitting on the stadium steps (incidentally, with marvelous curves), and i kept watching her... after a while, i realized that i was not watching sunset and turned back... sunset is over already... still, it was a beautiful evening!!!

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