Wednesday, April 18, 2007

a trip to hampi...

last weekend, we had a great time at hampi... it was really a wonderful trip, except that temperature is just too much to bear... almost all of us returned with black-painted faces... too many destroyed temples, too much temperature, too much dust, and too much of fun... simply, everything is too much!!! a very nice place to visit... you can see the two extremes from very sunny and dusty to very cold and green locations!!!

don't miss to dine at 'under mango tree restaurant'... of course, they are charging much for the food, but it's worth paying... dining under mango tree shade with beautiful ambiance is a nice experience!!!

thali at under-mango-tree-restaurant...

view from the same restaurant...

there is a mantapa constructed with pillars, which when tapped, will produce all different musical notes... we are not allowed to tap them due to security reasons, but it is interesting to know that there was such a technology in those olden days!!!

musical mantapa

deer at tungabhadra dam park

a beautiful flower in tungabhadra gardens

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Krishna said...

anni pettav kaani naa photo edira..??