Friday, January 16, 2009

Innocence doubled - Photographic weekends #13

Shot this one during Mahabaleshwar trip last weekend! I could visualize these two little girls as those described in the story "Little girls are wiser than men" by Leo Tolstoy. These twins have doubled the childhood innocence!


చైతన్య said...

sooo sweet... nice pic

Paru said...

Being twins see their tastes.... two extrems ...One like cola full of soda ...Other like sober one Maaza....This is life no two ppl can be alike not even who are born with few sec difference from same woob....God tushi great ho

Venkata Gopala Rao said...

@chaitanya: thanks again!

@Paru: Yes! I agree. As far as tastes are concerned, genes have no role to play! I think nature has this charm of generating perfect random numbers to characterize each and individual's tastes and thoughts!