Friday, January 09, 2009

Solitude or loneliness? - Photographic weekends #12

Shot this during Sinhagad trek a week ago... Amidst many colorful flowers and plants, I found this one amusing! Sometimes, we are not sure if our mood belongs to solitude or loneliness!

PS: I have become more and more lazy these days. May be because of my resolution to reduce my laziness and extra pounds. Hope I will update regularly! By the way, I wish all of you a very happy new year!


చైతన్య said...

Happy new year to u too!

i've linked ur blog in mine!

Venkata Gopala Rao said...

thank you!

aarthi said...

regd that small branch :

It is enjoying its "SOLITUDE" forgetting its "Loneliness"

Venkata Gopala Rao said...

Yes aarthi,

it looks so. If we can do the same, during those times of loneliness, then I guess there won't be any dullness at all.