Monday, June 05, 2006

short but sweet...

after a long gap of five months, i took ten days of vacation..
met my best friends.. recollected all sweet momories.. visited hyderabad.. to my luck, weather is good there without too much temperature.. visited my college.. wow, how nice the feeling is!!
very few have attended the reunion but whoever attended has enjoyed a lot.. nobody has talked about the past, everybody has talked about their future plannings and their present life.. it's really interesting to listen to all of them..
throughout my stay at home, i have had a good time with my nephew who is nine months old and so cute just like a farex baby..
and now, i am back at my institution.. feeling like i am in heaven.. so pleasant is the weather here.. institution is beautiful and green as ever.. gulmohar trees are in their full blossom though it is already june.. and finally, my semester results are announced and i got better result than what i have expected..
a happy ending for my short but sweet vacation... that too with a happier beginning of my second year of stay over here at iisc..

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