Sunday, July 09, 2006

when the truth hurts!!!

One day while a family sat in the den, the youngest son who had just turned two, took a plastic child's bowling pin, turned it upside down and hit his two older brothers in the head with it.

Both his mother and father were in the room at the time, mother chose to handle this one and father chose to let her.

She took little son and had a talk with him.
Father listened in, intrigued at how this was going to go.

His mother asked him, "What were you thinking hitting your brothers in the head with that pin?"

"Were you trying to get in trouble?"
He answered "No."

"Did they do something to you that you were trying to get back at them for?"
He answered, "No."

"Are you playing some kind of game that requires you to hit them in the head?"
He answered, "No."

"Do you just need some attention?"
He answered, "No."

Frustrated and tired mother had given up on her questions and the father's curiosity was just about to explode.

She figured she had better let him say why so she asked him, "Well why did you hit your brothers in the head with a bowling pin?"

Father had already made up in his mind, honey this is a waste of time, maybe daddy should have handled this one. A child barely two doesn't understand all of these questions and can't give you an intelligent answer.
Just then the little son looked at his mother with the astuteness of a Ph.D. and answered the question as honestly as anyone have ever heard a two-year-old answer.

"Because I like it."


PS : We as adults many times make all kinds of excuses of why we behave the way we do. Sometimes we just need to be honest with ourselves and admit that we do some things in life simply because we like it.

~Source Unknown (cut-copy-paste ;~)

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