Sunday, July 02, 2006

dont look how it looks outside.. try to look what is in it...

once, a businessman is in loss and in deep distress. on his birthday, his little daughter came to him and presented a neatly packed box as a gift. the man accepted it while cursing her for spending so much money on the gift in the time of loss. when he opened the box, he found nothing in that. immediately, he got angry and slapped his daughter. and said that you should not gift an empty box to anybody. then the daughter, wiping her tears, told her father that she has kept so many kisses of her in that box. the father realised the real concern of his daughter and hugged her with joy.

never just decide upon anything based on how it looks from outside. come to a conclusion only when you know what is in it!!

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pyarideepu said...

hmm...good one!!!