Sunday, February 11, 2007

3 years... and those sweet memories!!!

Exactly three years back, we have written GATE... the entrance test conducted all over India for admission into post graduate courses in engineering!!! We used to be very ambitious and used to think about one and only one thing... that is to secure a single digit rank in GATE... those days were really wonderful and unforgettable... i cherished those countless number of hours I spent with my study partner and my best friend, discussing about whole bunch of problems, and those jubiliant smiles on our faces when we succeeded!!! we always kept our positions in top first and second in a class of eighty... and that too for all the four years!!!

Finally, we both cracked the exam and secured good ranks... after months of vacillation between higher studies and a lousy software job, we have finally decided for higher studies!!! but, to our badluck, we both got in different institutes... my dreams for further studies are buried now, at least temporarily!!! she got into one of the best openings a chemical engineer can dream of... and i got into one of the best challenging jobs!!!

three years passed... lot of changes have taken place... both personally and academically... that enthusiasm and zeal to achieve something is not at all there... just the memories remained... again the same lines... We always know that looking back on the tears would make us laugh someday. But we never know that looking back at the moments we laughed together would make us cry someday!!!


Yuva said...

such is life my friend... 3year down the line; this day can be that day, which might make you cry or laugh depending on what you choice to do today.

Anonymous said...

Hey Gopal,

After a long time I am in your blog. some interesting updates...


krishna babu said...

Shall we write GATE again??