Saturday, February 10, 2007

Love Actually...

Yesterday, I watched this wonderful romantic comedy movie Love Actually... A mix of different realistic situations where people are confused at the start, and ultimately find their soulmates... A prime minister falling in love with his catering manager, a writer falling in love with his house cleaner who belongs to another native language, a sensitive man who silently loves a girl who marries his best friend, and even a school boy who confidently says that he is in love with his schoolmate... well picturized with a backdrop of christmas season... "Love actually is all around" is the caption!!! I really loved this movie...

With the valentine's day approaching, all radio channels are flooding us with loads of romantic songs... 'thoo bin bathaaye mujhe lekar chal kahin', 'dil ne tujhko chun liya hai, tum bhi is ko chuno na', 'tere bind zindagi se koi shikwa nahin', 'tere bin main yum kaise jiya, kaise jiya tere bin', 'aate jaate, hanste gaate'... and the list goes on!!! each of these songs has it's own flavor of reminding those good old days, where life is just like a bed of flowers and I haven't experienced any pain of separation ever... i liked these lines of nariyalchutney in his post eX... "We always know that looking back on the tears would make us laugh someday. But we never know that looking back at the moments we laughed together would make us cry someday"... With each day passing, our perspective about true relationship may change, but the feeling/soft-corner for those eX's will always be there... of course, many will not admit it!!!

Wherever we are, however we are, and whoever with us... loving somebody makes us feel complete!!! someday, we will say "You can't imagine how beautiful my world has become eversince you walked into it... with you be my side, I am the luckiest person on the earth".

life is beautiful... love actually makes it more beautiful... love actually is all around!!!

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