Monday, March 09, 2009

Free time? - Random thoughts #2

For the last few weeks, I have been hearing news about the layoffs and other awful effects of global recession. Some of my friends, including my wife, have expressed their fears of getting laid off. If I am not sounding harsh, I feel all this fear is just because we are not prepared, really! We are habituated to this lifestyle with comforts and fat salaries, and started taking them for granted. I feel that most of the times, most of our time is spent, most inefficiently, by most of us.

I know few exemplary friends whose learning curve is always in growing direction. I often wonder what makes them so consistent in doing that. To my horror and disbelief, one of these exemplaries has expressed a fear of getting extinguished with the current learning speed. With his consistency and religious regularity, if he says like that, where am I? A difficult question to ask myself. Instead of passing time with social networking sites like orkut, twitter and gossiping on gtalk, the same time can be used for more constructive things. If we are prepared for the worst and ready with necessary weapons in our arsenal, I think, even the ugliest possible situation in life becomes manageable. All this is an outcome of reading Seth Godin's post.

If we have free time, we should feel blissed and make best out of it!


Anonymous said...

A comment here with a nervous smile..
writing is a skill - vivid expressions; clarity in thought and words; catchy phrases and more specific, avoiding roundabout expressions.. you have that!
Good going!
I would say, hardly put pen onto paper!

Venkata Gopala Rao said...


thanks a lot for stopping by, and for your good words. I didn't understand the last sentence though!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

well it was a borrowed sentence from my old friend:) it means, prefer electronic means for expressions (blogging, of course!) to paper - so as to enable others to read such stuff!!
But some crazy humor here - personally, do not have a blog account, deleted the very day I created...not an efficient writer nor have patience:(

advising others is a very easy task...:D

Anonymous said...

HI gopal..
The fear of Laid off is not coz of habituated to fat salaries..
but the insecurity towrds the future....People say......
even mountains will decrease if we eat simply sitting...
Planning for the future WRT the job is nothing to do with the learning curve.

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Venkata Gopala Rao said...

@Meenakshi: Fear of getting laid off may not be due to fat salaries. But, my point is that one should go with the situations. If money is not circulating all over, we should be ready for the worst case, right?

Also, having multiple skills will help us be ready to jump into different domain, or take up the existing responsibility with more efficiency. For example, people working in services will get lot of free time. They could utilize that to get know-how on other areas/domains/platforms or whatever it is!