Friday, March 13, 2009

You fall, I lift - Photographic weekends #18

Shot this one in Kashid beach, near Alibaug, Maharashtra.

PS: Can anyone tell me why a falling/setting Sun always comes out as an ellipse, instead of a circle?


krishnababu said...

The symmetry of the curve to hold sun came fantastic.. !!

Paru said...

Direction:Uma K Bhogereddi
Cameraman: Gopal

Directors innovative direction and Artist's hand, shake free performance... how come cameraman is getting full credit...memmu oppukomu....

Venkata Gopala Rao said...

@Krishna: Thanks man! It was an one good outcome after around 10 trials, though!

@Paru: With due respect, I am acknowledging the team of this photograph.
Courtesy: Umakalyani,
Model: Sowmya,
Encouraging team: Suresh,
Photography: Yours truly!
no remuneration is declared though ;-)

Anonymous said...

Its an error of our vision and magic of the nature......
The shape of SUN wont change with time...
Nice photo but old idea.

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