Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Programming blues - Random thoughts #1

Being a computational researcher, most of our time is spent in writing programs. When we do a thing repeatedly or for a long time, our thought process and henceforth the ideas get moulded in that language. Here are some such random things!

1. When I see people, there are different kinds of smiles. If smile is considered as base class, cunning_smile, deceiving_smile, healthy_smile, encouraging_smile, lifeless_smile etc. are the derived classes. When I think like this, I am involuntarily giving a gentle_smile.

2. When I want to get up early in the morning, I put my alarm into an infinite for loop, with 10 minutes as snoozing time. Of course, the loop will be ultimately broken by my wife. How it's broken depends on many factors, though ;-)

3. Whenever (most of the times) I don't feel like going for jogging, I comment that activity for the day.

4. When I am preoccupied with too many things, I tend to forget certain things. I blame this on insufficient memory, and give a segmentation fault. There can be unexpected response due to uncleared cache etc.

5. Most often, I take too long to boot up in the morning.

6. Few things like washing clothes, arranging house etc. are simply declared in the program, but never defined or executed!

7. Improper allocation of resources (like time, money etc.) will lead to the decreased efficiency of the program (life)!

Now, this is being terminated due to insufficient time!


krishnababu said...

Rao.. kukka... ...pandaga!!

sweelie said...

hahaha... nice one.

Venkata Gopala Rao said...

@krishnababu: hey, people are getting confused with this "kukka" terminology! One of my colleagues has started learning this already! :-(

@sweelie: thanks!

charuthi said...

Hey gopal back to form again. This post is really nice. Great going.

Venkata Gopala Rao said...

@charuthi: thanks madam! your motivation is my inspiration :-)

Anonymous said...

HI gopal..
Ur name sounds u r from AP and understand Telugu.
If I am not wrong..
hope u understand what kukka means in telugu...
Iss that calling u is a joke from kris?

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krishnababu said...

please re-read my comment like.. 'Rao... kukka pandaga' ;)

n btw Rao is from AP...

I here by declare that I don't have any hostile feelings towards you or kukka.. ;)

Venkata Gopala Rao said...

@meenakshi: Yes, I am from AP. As I can see, you must be one of Krishna's friends. By the way, "kukka pandaga" is a derived phrase by us to indicate extreme things!