Saturday, August 12, 2006

celebrating friendship!!!

it's a little late that i am writing about friendship here... already one week after 'friendship day' this year!!! i strongly feel that there can't be a unique definition for this wonderful relation... some say it's the rainbow between two hearts... others say it's a beautiful garden where people can break their barriers and share anything and everything!!! as a matter of fact, all these definitions, in one way or the other, tell about the beauty of friendship...

i too have received some messages containing beautiful quotes about friendship and also saying one is soo lucky to have me as friend... but, i wonder whether do we really have that honesty or sincerity in this relationship? is friendship all about sending beautiful messages (which are absolutely free!!!) without really meaning them?? right from the school days, we share our feelings and things with somebody... and that somebody keeps changing with time depending upon circumstances... as days progress, we slowly forget where the old friends are!!! in fact, we often scratch our head to recollect some of their names too!!!

i feel the real beauty of friendship (in fact, any relationship) lies in how comfortable and honest we are in understanding each other... it's more beautiful when there is interdependence rather than dependence or independence on each other... it's brightened when you surprise your friend by solving his/her problem without their knowledge... it's enriched when we offer a friendly shoulder to support when they are in pain... it's highlighted when we rediscover ourselves in presence of the other person... it's celebrated when we forget our ego and and identify the alter-ego in that friend!!!

friendship is not a matter of one day... it's forever... let's celebrate it with our good friends all the time!!!


Anonymous said...

hmmm... good post.

guess who am I!

gopalwithlove said...

dear anonymous? how can i guess your name without any clue at all!!!