Tuesday, August 15, 2006

happy independence day!!!

we have successfully completed 59 years of independence and celebrating 60th independence day... i must confess that i missed flag hoisting this time too... i am not quite sure whether my doubt is valid or not, but, it always troubles me... are we really enjoying the freedom? if the answer is yes, are we doing justice to our responsibilities?

on an auspicious day like this... a day meant to celebrate freedom... we are scared to go outside... almost half of the shops and eating outlets are closed in the city... more than half of the services which are available on ordinary days are not available today!!! may be, this is a strange way to celebrate freedom?? i dont know... i am sorry if i am hurting anybody's feelings... rather, i am trying to put my views here!!!

coming to the next part of the question... are we doing minimum justice to our responsibilities? how many of us are utilising the right to vote? how many of us are maintaining civic sense while eating in public places like parks, road sides etc? how many of us are really happy about being in this country?

inspite of all these questions, it is indeed a happy independence day as we didnt encounter any disastrous incident this time!!!

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