Tuesday, August 08, 2006

bridging the communication gap...

communication gap!!! one of the most uneasy phase in any relationship... sometimes, even in a relation which was thought to be having an ideal match of wave-length, it so happens that the feelings are not conveyed properly to the other party... in fact, sometimes, they are conveyed exactly in the opposite sense... the reasons may be so many!!! each thinks in his/her own way and comes to some kind of conclusion which may not be right... there could be a phase difference in the thoughts of both... the gap slowly accumulates and reaches a point where the two are at so long distance to each other and life looks just like a trash bin!!!

is there any solution for this problem? certainly, yes!!! either we should extend a friendly hand or be ready to accept the same from the other... things can be sorted out by discussing with a cool and open mind... of course, there is a problem of ego everywhere... sometimes, losing ego can be so embarrassing... but, at the end of the day, the happiness of being together is so beautiful and pleasant... so, why this gap? let's lose our ego and bridge the gap to build a colourful and healthy relationship!!!

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