Sunday, August 06, 2006

someone like you...

there are few things sadder in this life than watching somebody walk away from you after they have left you; watching the distance between your bodies expand until nothing is left except the empty space and silence.
This is a dialogue by Jane, a character from the movie 'someone like you', when her loved partner leaves her and walks away. I dont know exactly why i remembered these lines but sometimes i feel these lines are nothing but true. I wonder how can anybody break the promise made to their partner and choose their own path. Dont they retrospect their behavior and respect the relation at all? What happens to the one who was left behind? What happens to the colourful and happiest world imagined between the so called 'soulmates'?

Certainly, the phrase "nothing lasts forever" proves its existence and irony everywhere. Time heals the wound, but not completely. One can take some time for coming out of the phase of self-pity, and build from the zero based state, and ultimately to a comfort zone. There may be so many good (in fact better) friends in that zone. But, somewhere somehow, when the sky is so clear and pleasant, the breeze is so cool, the memories of the broken relation just rush in. A painful pleasure or a pleasant pain, whatever it may be, will make one confused. The trauma prevails for a while, and fades away in the day-to-day hectic life! The cycle repeats!! After all, pain is a part of life which nobody can escape!!!

Isn't the ultimate bliss to find Someone exactly like you??

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