Sunday, May 20, 2007

a cup of coffee with "my fair lady"

I have been dining in the same A-mess of our institute since last 22 months... It is always fun to eat that so called food, which is actually like a dried grass, while doing all sorts of blabbering... and bird-watching too... here is where I found this girl (with short curly hair, cat eyes, head always turning all sides as if there is no steering control, a charming smile always on her face, and of course, that hasty walk)... i refer to her as 'my fair lady'... so, there i am watching her since my first semester... that means, almost from 22 months... many times, i wanted to go to her and tell "you are the most energetic girl i have ever seen"... but, no good luck :-(

we are left with only a months period to stay here at iisc... i am scared i will never be able to tell her those words... the other night, i was walking from my department to the hostels, where i found her walking ahead of me... i thought of asking her for a coffee... oh god, she is so cute... i started walking faster so as to reduce the distance between us... we reached the F&H coffee shop near the hostels... just when i was about to ask her, she turned around and found me... (she knew that i was looking at her since so many days... every time she catches me red-handed, she kills me with a tinge of smile... making me more and more dumb)... those words have stopped inside myself... all i could do was to pretend as if i was looking this side and that... oops! i screwed that chance...

can somebody tell me how to ask her for a cup of coffee :-)

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