Sunday, May 27, 2007

how human are we?

It was a gloomy Saturday afternoon. A flock of birds was spending great time searching for food and playing on the main road. Out of the sudden, a big truck sped through... sad thing had happened again.

Birds can feel too. Although this bird had already died, another bird flew over to her immediately, just like a family member, unable to accept the truth.

Not long after that, another car stormed in causing the dead bird's body to whirl with the wind. The spouse noticed the movement. As if she was still alive, he quickly flew beside her again.

He stayed beside her and yelled ... "WHY ARE YOU NOT GETTING UP!?"

Unfortunately, she's no longer able to hear him. In the meantime, he's trying to lift her up.

He, of course, was unable to bear the burden. Another car soon passed by. He quickly flew off. Once the car had gone, he came down again.

Although other birds told him its useles, he never gave up. He was trying his best to lift her up to see her flying again. Another car passed by, her dead body whirled again as if still alive and trying to fly.

He had used all of his energy, however...

The photographer said he couldn't shoot any longer. The photographer was so worried that the living bird was going to get hurt by passing cars. So he picked up the dead bird and left it at the roadside. The live one still lingered at a nearby tree as if crying with his singing and refused to leave.

Do humans have the same feelings nowadays? I wonder.

PS: This was a mail sent by one of my friends. Two days back, I was walking to Yeshwantapur along with Krishna to eat bajji's there. We found a deadbody of an orphan woman lying beside the road. Many people (that includes both of us) were there, simply taking a look and walking away. Policemen were taking photographs for their official records. I wish we can do something to avoid this kind of happenings in our society, than just walking away!!!


naomi said...

Where did you find this article and pictures?

Venkata Gopala Rao said...

One of my friends have forwarded these as a mail. Quite touching!