Friday, November 10, 2006

GREat experience!

The much awaited test has come and gone... and i came up with a decent score of 1360... though the result is not so great, i am left with a good feel and a GREat experience... I can say that the understanding of any reading, be it technical, general, sports or something else, will be greatly improved after preparing honestly for GRE and having had a good companionship with words and their contextual meaning for around a couple of months... It was really a great experience!!!

Some tricks and tips...

1. Do all word lists at least once. Remember to revise every word-list cumulatively as you progress!

2. Make sure that you are able to recollect all the high-frequency words at a glance. Check this only after you are gone through all the word lists with full care.

3. Don't practice any exercise until you are done with all the word lists. But, once you finish all word lists, do as many as you can. Leave at least 4 complete days for mock tests practice.

4. Do pay as much attention to Reading comprehension as possible. Most of your time will be spent on this part of the verbal section only.

5. Spend good amount of time on the first 5-7 questions in the test as they will decide the following questions.

6. Change your mode of preparation often. Book, word-games, exercises, flash cards, and some good web-sites (,, guru's word list etc.) can give you a perfect blend of preparation methods.

7. Finally, dont overlook the quant section. We often forget simple formulae like Median, Standard Deviation etc. Remember, this is the section where we can score full with mimimum effort. So, it is worth to recollecting all those fundamental simple formulae.

8. Even if you don't get the score you targeted, don't worry... you are left with a good pool of vocabulary. All the best!!

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It has been long time right?..
GREat GRE post.