Wednesday, November 15, 2006

a tribute to my mobile!

After a long companionship with my mobile phone, i lost it yesterday when i forgot it in lab... I have searched it everywhere i can, and asked everyone around... But, it is lost... Though the worth of the piece in terms of rupees is not more than a sum of two thousand rupees, it was a precious item in my life... It brought so many good friends into life... Used to wake me up in time... It brought smile on my face... Most of the times, I used to keep it next to me when I sleep or just lie on the bed and waiting for a call from dear ones... Though many new models have come with attractive features and affordable prices, I couldn't discard this one because of the intimacy I had with it... Most importantly, this is one big item I've bought with my own money for the first time... The joy I had when I talked through this for the first time is ineffable... It had become almost an integral part of my body, keeping me happy, healthier, and connected with my loved ones... I cannot imagine myself without a mobile in hand... But, fact is fact... It was lost... Goodbye my dear friend!!!

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